3 Youtube Channels that may overtake PewDiePie Soon after T-Series

We have carefully analysed which channels have greater chances of taking over the King PewDiePie right now.


After T-series vs PewDiePie battle, The road will not be easy for PewDiePie. T-series will dethrone it within a few days and that’s not the end. There are other channels that are growing faster than it is. Here are the few channels that will pose a threat to PewDiePie in coming days.

5-Minute Crafts

5 minute crafts subscribers
5 minute crafts subscribers

5-Minute crafts is a channel loved by all age groups. It post life hacks and crafts that are supposed to make things easier in your life. It is gaining subscriber base at the rate of 100k subscribers per day. It added 3.1 Million subscribers last month only. The rate at which it is increasing it’s subscriber base and the wide variety of audience it covers unlike PewDiePie. It has a good chance to overcome the King of Youtube.

Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes

Coco Melon Nursery Rhymes Stats
Coco Melon Nursery Rhymes Stats

Coco Melon Nursery Rhymes is a lesser known channel with an eruptive growth rate. No one would except a Nursery Rhyme channel to do this good but here it is. Don’t underestimate the power of Kids who won’t shut up until you give them your phones to watch such things. This channel amassed 3.2 million subscribers last month and has an average of 109k subscribers per day which is another threat to the solo king.


Set India


Set India Subscribers stats
Set India Subscribers stats

Set India is another Indian channel that is growing like wildfire.It gained 1.9 million subscribers last month only. It has a daily average of 64k subscribers. It consists of TV shows and clips from them that it broadcasts on it’s multiple TV channels in India. This channel has the potential to overtake PewDiePie in the long run since it uploads a ton of videos daily on Youtube.


Other Notable Mentions

Kids Diana Show which has an average of 66k subscribers per day is another Kid-Loved channel that has a good potential.

Ellen Show is always a headline. Filled with celebrities and fun stuffs. It will keep adding subscribers from all age group.

WWE is another channel that gets massive video views and has an increasing audience from all over the world including Indian Sub continent. As more people get access to the internet, It will add more subscribers to it’s pocket.


We don’t guarantee the overtaking from above mentioned channel but it gives us a strong insight as PewDiePie has a niche audience.  All the data is taken from SocialBlade.

What are your thoughts on it?