80 days with Galaxy S10

I'm Lovin It


The Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10e are the latest smartphones in this family, of course for 2 months more now but for the first time in a long time, we’re asking whether these phones are really the best smartphones money can buy. Chinese brands Huawei, Oneplus, Xiaomi and Oppo are delivering much needed competition, and Google’s Pixel phones are better than ever. Should you still but the Galaxy S10?

In short, Galaxy S10 is all-in-one deal if you can afford it. From the hardware perspective, this is what Endgame looks like, at least for now. The bleeding edge technology that Samsung packs here has left its competitors like Sony, LG eating Stardust: cough…cough! (Galaxy- dust :P).

What we love about this beauty:

  • Samsung’s screens are phenomenal, arguably best in class
  • Powerful performance: Snapdragon 855 and 8 GB of ram, what more could one ask ??
  • Cool new features like Power Sharing and an Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner
  • Improved and optimized One UI
  • The new and Improved AKG tuned Earphone in the box.

Like the initial review, I will divide it on the following section


As on initial review, I have already told that this is the best one could ask for. The 6.1 inch display is comfortable to hold on hands and is packed with 550ppi and boast a QuadHD+ panel. Since the display is also HDR10+ certified, watching Netflix is just on the other level. Samsung named the panel Dynamic AMOLED Display, no wonder why they do that. Oh yeah, Punch hole: I was okay with punch hole on my initial impression but after using it for more than 80 days, it just grew on me and I dont even notice it is there. Hoping Note 10 still follows the same design pattern. But I have seen the leaks and rumor and am a little uncomfortable.


Samsung phones are also fast computers and the Galaxy S series has long been at the forefront of showing us just how powerful smartphones has become. You could argue that we’re passed the point of there being a considerable difference between fast phones and slower models, and that most phones are now powerful enough to handle the apps we use everyday, like web browsers and social media tools. This is definitely true, but I’d still argue that the S10 feels faster than other phones I’ve used lately. Screens scroll smoothly, apps load faster. It doesn’t make for a game-changing leap in the experience, but it is a pleasure to use.Games just load smoothly and support full heavy games at max settings. Though there is a little bit of heat, but i never experienced any thermal throttling. And Galaxy S10 just crushes through the benchmark.

Cool features and One UI

Cool features like wireless powershare and In-display fingerprint scanner is jut the cherry on the top. Pretty much everyone asked me to show these feature. And the fingerprint scanner is faster than most midrange In-dispaly and also secure since it is ultrasonic one.
I really dig the One UI. Night mode is just great. Inky black background for all the first party apps is just superb, also it saves battery since display here is AMOLED. One UI is fluid, feature packed but not laggy like Touchwiz and Samsung Experience. It is focused for one handed uses and does the job with flying colors.

What we don’t like

  • Camera is not the best around
  • Battery life should be better
  • Curved screens are annoying
  • Probably a little expensive


I am not that of a pixel peeper but i can tell one thing that this camera is awesome all rounder both in stills and videos. I will admit Samsung’s Night mode is not one the same level as Pixel’s or Huawei but boy does it takes good photo. Here are some of the camera samples below.

Boudha: Super Wide
Krishna Mandir Night time: Wide
Mjolnir: 2X Auto

I think we are at that point where there isn’t that much of a difference in camera performance, at least for me. I will be happy with any of the flagship camera of today’s and think nearly everyone will be happy too. For social media post, these camera will outperform. But there is still improvement for the camera performance, especially for the night mode.


A 3400 mAh battery in a similar footprint as in GS9 which has a 3000 mAh battery. Samsung clearly upped the battery game here, which is particularly important since it has a 6.1’ QuadHD display. For my time of use, it clearly lasted a full day and I only have to charge while going to bed. No, the battery life is not as good as it bigger siblings GS10+ but its significantly better in its range. It is a full day phone without an issue.

The battery life in the Galaxy S10  isn’t bad per se, it is just underwhelming. Using the phone on a standard business day, I found that the battery in the Galaxy S10+ lasted through the day, offering about 30% of battery. But Galaxy S10 only game me a screen on time of 5hrs to 6hrs. The built-in battery monitor estimated that the total battery life would be about 25 hours between charges. Here’s a screenshot. Also, I have used the phone on QuadHD+ so your mileage may vary.

Screen on time

This is surprising because Samsung has packed high-capacity batteries into these phones. Competing handsets from Huawei last for twice as long, or more, with similar batteries. For the most part we put this down to sheer number of software features built into a Samsung phone these days. These tools and services tend to run in the background, or keep the phone active when you put it to sleep, and slowly drain power all day long.


With this mind, we question whether the S10 family is a little expensive this year. From a consumer’s perspective, without considering what it costs to make these phones, the retail price is staggering. But it feels like we’re paying a premium for the bits of the phones we need the least. Samsung invests heavily in engineering curved displays and its multitude of apps and services, etc, but I’d be happier with a simpler phone, with a flat screen and longer battery life.



What are your thoughts on it?