How To Backup Your Android Device: A Complete Guide!


To backup Android device was a massive headache for all. A few years ago, it used to required a PC with internet access to backup our device with the help of third party software. But today there is a vast difference with backing up the device. These days to, backup Android device and keeping data synchronization takes no effort. Most of the work happens automatically behind our scenes and restoring data is as simple as signing into a device and letting google system do the work.

Our data is so important, especially if we use our phone for business, education etc. All the stuff we have in our phone is worth to know where and how everything is being stored. Here are some tips you can follow to the Android backup system and how they operate.

To backup Android device, Settings & Preferences:

When we switch on our Android phones for the first time, we probably signed in with our Google account. And the same account is our key for automatic backup data.In our system which includes many of our Android setting from WiFi networks and passwords to language and input setting, date and time setting and display. We can confirm all of that being backed up by going into system setting and look for backup & reset option. Tap it and then tap to the line which is labeled “Backup”.

By clicking there we can see an active toggle next toBack up to google drive” at the top of the screen and below that you will see the google account associated with all of our system back-ups and make sure that to use same google account when signing into any device in future, and if you ever need to change the associated account with backup, just tap the line showing the account on the screen which will bring a list of all the google account connected to your phone and you can select whichever you want to select.

App and App Data 

When you install an app from the google play store it always synchronizes with google server, and when you go to first sign into any new Android device you will be given the option to restore the complete set of applications within the list. If you have more than one Android device active on your account you will be able to choose which device you want to use as the source of account.

For the device running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and higher google provides an app backup system which also saves and restores specific data.You can see which apps are backing up and when the backup was last performed by heading to “Backup & Reset” section of your system setting and choosing the option “App Data”. There you also see a toggle that instructs Android to automatically restore any backed up setting and data from an app whenever it is reinstalled.

Calendar, Contact, and Emails

Breaking up these are actually quite easy because nowadays almost all calendar, contact, and email data are cloud based which means you don’t have to back up your phone’s email or calendar data because it’s already stored in the cloud you can simply open the email or calendar app from another device to retrieve it.

Google has owned email and calendar app (Gmail and Google calendar ) both come with pre-installed on many phones and are available for anyone to download and store data on Google’s servers by default but can also work with another third party account. You can also add third party account directly into the Gmail app with the exchange. Once your account is added to Gmail, it should show up in google calendar as well.


If you lose your phone or decide to move to another, there is a decent chance that your existing text message will destroy to digital ether. That might be fine but if you want back up and save your SMS data is pretty easy to do.

The simplest way is to use a messaging app which automatically takes advantage of Google’s data synchronizing system and does all the backup for you. Google has own free “Android Message app” which is nicely designed and many options with that functionality built in. Download it and follow the steps to steps to set it as the default messaging app on your device. When you install and open the same app on any future device, all of your conversation will be there for you.

Backup android device files

The easiest way to keep files on your device backed up is to save them directly to a cloud based storage service like Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive etc. All of those services provide a reasonable amount of free storage with additional space available for a monthly or annual fee and all of them make it simple to access files from your device whether you are online or offline.

Music and Photos

Keeping photos and music backup is fairly free. Google has Google photos app that will automatically synchronize every image and videos you take and make it available on any other device. And for music, there is the free app called “Google Music” app which lets you upload your personal Mp3 collection which is up to 50,000 songs if you still own that much music then access it from access it from any Android device or from any computer via a web browser.

So nowadays everyone should backup Android device to keep their files secure. By Backing up data in android we can access from anywhere and from any device using Google Id. Here are some important apps which help you to backup files, message, photos and music, calendar etc. To download Click the Link below.

  1. Dropbox
  2. Google Music
  3. Microsoft One Drive
  4. Google Calendar 
  5. Android Message
  6. Google Photos

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