Cleanfox: Unsubscribe and Delete all your unwanted mails at once

Do you need an app to declutter your mailbox? Delete and unsubscribe to unwanted emails? You are at the right place.


The most time-consuming hassle is to unsubscribe to all promotional emails. It is even more irritating when these mails fill up your email space. I too had the same problem 20,000 unwanted mails sitting in the mailbox. All unread. Searching different blogs and forums led me to this amazing app: Cleanfox.

Cleanfox overview:

Cleanfox app review
Cleanfox app review

Cleanfox is a mobile application available for both android and iOS. It is basically an anti-spam tool that lets you automatically unsubscribe to unwanted emails and newsletters that you barely open. This app when connected to your email account checks for emails and senders that you barely open email of. It then lets you choose if you want to keep them or clear them all at once and unsubscribe to the sender.

It comes in very handy because you don’t have to manually delete thousands of emails. A quirky aspect of this app is that it shows you a digital pollution data and shows you how much you help keep the environment clean by deleting and unsubscribing to newsletters.

How does it work?

  • You can connect to any email service that you use
  • It then detects the open rate of emails and senders and suggests you delete and unsubscribe
  • You can then sort wanted and unwanted emails
  • You can choose to keep or delete emails and unsubscribe for each sender
  • You don’t need to worry if you delete emails by mistake, it sits in the trash and you can recover it if you want.

It gets even better when you realize that the app is free. No hidden costs and it doesn’t have any ads. Enjoy a detoxified inbox in a matter of seconds.

FUN FACT: Every single email generates approx. 10 grams of CO2 and we barely open those newsletters. In fact, Cleanfox website says you only open 10% of it. This way you will save yourself from contributing to digital pollution by unsubscribing to those unwanted newsletters.

Android download link:

iOS download link:

What are your thoughts on it?