Google’s Stadia just killed Xbox, Playstore and high end gaming setup

Stadia will eradicate all gaming hardware requirements..


Google today announced it’s cloud gaming platform Stadia which lets you play games instantly without the need of any sophisticated graphics hardware. All you need is a Chrome browser which streams the game. You can use any device to play the game with the controller you have. For desktop, you can use Stadia Controller or your keyboard.  All the computation required for your gameplay would be done remotely on Google’s hardware infrastructure. You can play simultaneously

You can also play directly through youtube where the gameplay is linked. The game would start in as fast as 5 seconds after you click play.  Stadia is built on Linux platform and uses open graphics API Vulkan. They have also included Unreal engine, Unity game engine, Havok Physics engine.

Watch the launch event here.

More updates to come…

Stadia Launch event
Stadia Launch event

What are your thoughts on it?