Why do people choose custom ROM over stock Android?


Android is the most common & reliable mobile operating system these days with more than 63% market share of mobile OS. Android is the most favorite OS for all the major smartphone OEMs in the world. With all this, we can easily say that Android is dominant in the mobile OS. Android is an open source program due to which individual developer can tweak and customize the OS according to their own needs. This is the main reason behind the rise of Custom ROM or firmware that comes with added features and new looks. Although ROM in computers means Read Only Memory, this is quite a different term for smartphones and tablets. ROM in mobile devices refers to the firmware which is the same as OS in computers.

Smartphones are shipped with stock ROM’s which are customized versions of Android made by mobile companies to suit their devices. While Android in its original form is called Pure Stock Android. This form is actually amazing but mobile manufacturers think they need to make their devices look unique and hence customize it further. Later on, it’s called stock ROM’s.

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Why Custom ROM over Stock Android?

Well, we had already known about the Stock Android by now. Now coming to custom ROM, it is the customised version of the original source code of Android by individual developers or a community of developers. These ROMs are different from Stock ROMs and give users more control over their Android devices. Some of the key reason for which people choose Custom ROM over Stock Android are:

1. Highly Customizable
Custom ROM is highly flexible and customizable. Users can delete the unwanted bloatware apps that come in with Stock ROMs and further tweak their Android devices as per their desire.

2. Root Acess
This is the main reason for people to choose Custom ROM over Stock Android. It gives users the root access to their Android devices. This gives users a complete control over their Android device. Just like the admin login on Windows, root access is the admin access for smartphones.

3. Better Performance
Custom ROMs allows users to restrict background apps, optimize apps, restrict usage and change permission settings on the Android device. These Custom ROMs are usually not bulkier when compared to Stock ROMs because they don’t come with a lot of pre-installed apps. With all these features & level of flexibility, loads on the battery in decreased in huge amount which results in improved battery life.

4. Regular Updates
While manufacturers may forget or even discontinue updates on their older phones and only releases updates for their latest devices, Custom ROM developers have a community which is quick to work on the new updates. Custom ROMs do provide beta testings which enable users to stay ahead all the time with new updates.

At last, the Custom ROM is a perfect fit for those users who prefer customization and control.

What are your thoughts on it?