Tech Mahindra’s K2: Its an AI based Human Resource assistant Humanoid

Routine HR transactions just got better

Tech Mahindra’s K2

The first Human Resource Humanoid was revealed on Monday, for its Noida Special Economic Zone Campus in Uttar Pradesh. Earlier this month, Tech Mahindra’s first HR humanoid was introduced in its Hyderabad campus.

The company stated, “K2 would take over the routine HR transactions to provide constant assistance to the HR team in creating an enhanced employee experience.”

K2 can initiate a conversation without any wake-up command. It can respond to queries with text display along with speech. It can address general HR-related employee queries as well as handle personal requests for actions like providing payslip, tax forms and more It .will enable the HR team to focus on other important areas for employee development.

The statement stated, “In today’s digital era, the changing talent landscape is making it imperative for organisations to not just be customer focused, but more ‘human experience’ centric.”

“K2 has been designed to add value to the employee life cycle across various touch points and ready ourselves to be a workplace of the future. We believe the future will be more human than we think,” said Harshvendra Soin, Chief People Officer, Tech Mahindra.

The company plans to deploy the next Humanoid in its Pune campus. It will further enable K2 software for an enhanced engagement with improved communication skills. And can be able to carry out empathetic conversations from associate’s wellness perspective.

Other AI and Machine Learning Projects

Tech Mahindra is betting big on next gen technologies like AI, machine learning to address real time HR issues. Tech Mahindra’s AI based facial recognition system to register the attendance of employees is already implemented. It drastically reduced the time spent by an associate in updating the time-sheet. They also launched Talex: the first AI driven marketplace of talent that maps skills of the existing talent pool.

Hope to see big things form Tech Mahindra in upcoming days.

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