Third Mobile Throwing Competition to be held on December 15

An interesting event that also brings in Social good. Learn more.


Rotaract Club of Rudramati is organizing Third annual Mobile Throwing Competition which is one of its kind. It had 250 participants in its first edition. The participants in this competition have to bring their own old useless mobile phones give it to the organizers and the organizers in return grant them a throwable mobile device.

The participant who throws the phone farthest is declared the winner. The winner receives a brand new phone. The phones collected from the participant is then repaired and given to people in remote areas who need them.

Competitor will be categorized on the basis of following criteria.

  1. Children (below 14 years)
  2. Male participant
  3. Female participant

From each group, a winner is selected and awarded.

Mobile Phone throwing has become an international sport which started from Finland in the Year 2000. Finnish people came up with this idea for recreational purpose and to dissipate their frustration.

A part of the philosophy is also a spiritual freedom from being available all the time.

Since then this competition has been organized in the countries like Czech Republic (2012), United States (2008), Spain (2009), Liechtenstein (2010) Belgium (2010) UK (2005), Switzerland (2005) and others.

This is a great marketing gimmick for a greater cause. We admire Rotaract Club of Rudramati and Rotaract Club of Manohara for coming up with this idea and linking it up with social good.  It will be held in Tundikhel on December 15 starting from 10 AM to 5 PM. 

Here is the link to the event page:

What are your thoughts on it?