Some Tips To Follow Immediately After Losing Your Phone

Have you just lost your phone? Here are some very useful tips you should do immediately after losing your smartphone.


In today’s world, a phone means a lot to us. Day by day we are attached to our phone in terms of our needs. Our phone is a little of everything: it works as a photo album, a wallet, a gaming machine, a music player, a telephone and much more. I can still remember the pain of losing my Samsung Galaxy J5 in the street of New Road, Kathmandu.

Nobody wants their phone to be loose or stolen but in some case, if you lose your phone you have to follow some tips given here by which it lets you keep safe of your data and personal information.

Precautions before you lose your phone

Use automatic lock and a passcode

Every device has some kind of locking or password feature. But many people simply do not use these functions, leaving their contacts, text messages, emails, and social networking accounts open to anyone who has the phone.

Use a find my phone app

  • For Android phone– To set up this app on a smartphone running Android 2.2 or more, first find the Android Device Manager in Google Settings which is typically an icon on your desktop with the letter “g” and simply views gear like symbol next to it. To track down a missing phone you have to use a computer to access Android Device Manager in the browser’s address bar.
  • For iPhone– Download and install Find My iPhone on the iTunes App Store, then sign in with your iTunes account. To track down a missing phone, use a computer to access Find My iPhone.
  • For Windows phone– Find the Find My Phone app in the main settings menu. To track down a missing phone, use a computer to go to Microsoft’s account sign-in screen.

Back up your documents

Selecting a carrier-neutral source, such as Apple’s iCloud, Android’s Google +, or Microsoft’s OneDrive will make it easier to retrieve your precious documents should your next smartphone be from a different carrier.

Don’t save passwords to browser

Mostly when you visit the password-protected websites, you must have to take the time to type in the password. Otherwise, a thief or hacker could easily access sensitive information simply by unlocking your phone. It may seem difficult to enter your password every time, but the extra effort could help you protect your identity.

After the phone is Lost

Change your passwords

As soon as you realize your smartphone is no longer with you and when it is not quickly recoverable, go to the nearest secure computer and log into every account you had on your phone (banking, social networks, e-mail, etc.) and change your passwords as soon as possible.

Call your institutions

Inform your bank and credit card companies that you’ve lost your smartphone to alert them to possible fraudulent charges. The sooner they know, it will be easier to dispute unauthorized account activities in your smartphone.

Report the theft immediately

If your smartphone has been stolen or lost, alert your telecom company as soon as possible so the sim card can be disabled. Let the police know even if it’s unlikely the phone will be recovered. It helps authorities track crime patterns. And if you find a phone, turn it into the law enforcement. It may be possible to trace a phone back to its owner.

So here is all about the tips you should follow after losing a phone. Hope this article helps you to know about the remedies after losing the smartphone. If you have any query about this article comment it down below and share it with your acquaintances, let them know about it.

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