Why is 5-minute Crafts so popular?

The secret sauce behind 5-minute crafts soaring popularity in simple points. Explained


5-minute crafts is so popular that If you have ever tried to find cool hacks or any DIY stuff, I am sure you have stumbled upon 5-minute crafts. It the fastest growing brand across the major social networks like youtube, facebook, and Instagram. It has nearly 27 million followers on Instagram, 55 million likes on Facebook and Nearly 52 Million subscribers on youtube. Let’s try and decode the reason behind this channel’s soaring popularity:

SO Why is 5-minute Crafts so Popular?

  1. No Language Barrier

All the videos are voiceless so very little Knowledge of English basically to understand the thumbnail text or title text is enough for anyone to completely enjoy the video.

  1. Interesting, practical content

The content in the videos are practical as the DIY hacks shown can be performed with common goods known to almost everyone in the world, which makes it very relatable.

  1. Useful for every age group

The videos are suitable and useful for every age group, though the channel has dedicated other channels like 5-minute crafts Kids for kids and 5-minute craft girls for females. The main channel is still useful for every age group.

  1. Regularly posting content

Youtube recommends videos from the channels more frequently if they upload videos routinely. Since 5-minute crafts posts regularly, their videos are more visible on your recommendations and feed increasing their overall view time.

  1. Amazing social media presence

5-minute crafts have mastered the social media game by delivery exactly what people want. The contents are shareable since people want to help each on social media. They are cool, quirky and relatable for any type of audience. Even if it is not relatable, It will remind you of someone when you view the content.

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Youtube Channel

About 5-minute Crafts

5-minute crafts is a brand my media company TheSoul Publishing. TheSoul Publishing is also behind popular social media pages and sites like Brightside, Now I’ve seen everything, Smart is the new Sexy, You are Gorgeous etc. They currently produce content for 40 Pages and over a whopping 1500 video content per month. They have 200m followers across all facebook pages. Currently, they make content in 10 languages.

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